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Brain & Spine Care Treatment Near Franklin Square NY

Spinal injuries from vehicle accidents, sports injuries, violent attacks, or slip and fall cases can be life threatening thus requiring immediate medical attention.  The quicker a patient receives medical attention to reduce swelling be it with a cervical collar, a backboard for immobilization or the administering of a specific anti-inflammatory medication, the better the chances for preventing further damage.

Individuals from Franklin Square NY who are treated by the medical team at NSPC can expect immediate and top-quality care from the time they arrive at the facility as well as throughout their recovery process.  Since the NSPC facility is equipped with the proper technology needed for diagnosis as well as skilled doctors and nurses, patients can have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

It’s no secret how debilitating a spinal injury can be.  Whether it’s chipped vertebrae bones, herniated discs or a broken back, the severity of impact on the spinal cord and various nerve endings can result in a patient suffering anywhere from chronic back pain to complete paralysis.

A facility such an NSPC who specializes in both brain and spinal injuries is experienced with cases surrounding injuries in these areas and is properly staffed with skilled surgeons, neurologists and neuropsychologists to help patients throughout the recovery process.  NSPC’s multidisciplinary approach allows Franklin Square patients to receive all types of care whether it be neurological testing, surgery, or therapy to help patients deal with possible behavioral and/or physical changes as a result of their injury.

With facilities conveniently located across Long Island, NSPC’s physicians are known for specializing in cutting edge treatments including minimal invasive techniques & surgical procedures to treat a variety of conditions. The doctors at NSPC stay up to date regarding latest research developments surrounding the central nervous system as well as new technology being developed for spinal cord injury treatment.

Many of us may be familiar with the occasional inconvenience, discomfort and sometimes lengthier than expected recuperation involved from having just a minor injury such as a pulled back muscle or the leg pain associated with sciatica.  We can testify to the discomfort when doing simple everyday movements such as getting up from sitting, getting in and out of a car, or standing on our feet for any length of time.  It’s painful, but not life threatening.

However, Franklin Square NY patients suffering from severe spinal injuries that require lengthier in-depth surgeries resulting in longer recovery periods will suffer from much more.  NSPC physicians understand that while the patients are focusing on their physical recovery, there is also the emotional and mental strain these patients undergo when worrying about missing work, loss of pay, and the guilt they feel if they are unable to properly care for themselves or their family in the way they were before.

For all these reasons and more, you can easily understand why finding the right neurological/spinal heath facility is so important.  It’s clear the intricacies involved when treating patients with major spinal injuries requires not one specialist but a team of medical experts.  A team who can support both a patient’s physical as well as emotional needs in order to get them on the road to recovery.

Those choosing treatment at an NSPC facility are not only benefitting from access to top notch doctors whose approach is backed by up to date surgical/ treatment techniques and cutting-edge technology, but a multi-talented staff as well.  A knowledgeable staff who is trained and dedicated to helping in ALL aspects of the Franklin Square NY patient’s recovery including mind and body.

Our comprehensive and multi-disciplinary programs provide world-class treatment.
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