Port Jefferson Station

Port Jefferson Station

Port Jefferson Station

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Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
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Port Jefferson Station Neurosurgical Services

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Port Jefferson Station Office

Our spine specialists offer outstanding care and surgical therapies in Port Jefferson Station and at our 6 other convenient location in Suffolk and Nassau counties. Our neurosurgeons treat conditions that require the experience and expertise of a doctor specializing in advanced neurosurgical techniques.

Neurological Surgery, P.C. (NSPC) if the largest neurosurgical practice in the Long Island area, with over 20 neurosurgeons offering the latest in treatment advancements. Doctors in the NY region refer their brain and spine patients to us for outstanding neurosurgical treatments.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgeries at NSPC

Our dedicated Port Jefferson neurosurgeons provide advanced solutions to spine conditions in a community setting.

Whether you have a more common spine condition such as chronic back pain or herniated discs, or a potentially life-threatening spinal cord injury, spinal tumor or other spine condition that isn’t easily managed with medical therapies, our spine specialists have the experience that you want in a spine surgeon.

Port Jefferson Station Neurosurgeon Zachariah M. George, M.D.

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Zachariah M. George, M.D. is highly skilled in complex and minimally invasive surgeries. He also has acquired expertise in pediatric and adult spine deformities, but is especially devoted to offering minimally invasive alternatives to open procedures for a number of reasons:

Very small incisions — which not only may leave little to no scarring, but also provides other benefits such as:

  • Less damage to surrounding tissues,
  • Minimal blood loss,
  • Promotes faster recovery, and
  • Reduces the time to becoming ambulatory again.

Often a better surgical option for certain patients, including

  • The elderly
  • Those with co-morbid medical problems
  • Those with obesity

Port Jefferson Station Neurosurgeon Brian J. Snyder, M.D.,

Brian J. Snyder, M.D., specializes in movement disorders, epilepsy and refractory pain. Dr. Snyder is recognized as the first neurosurgeon on Long Island to surgically insert the NeuroPace RNS® System. The MD News, Long Island Edition, featured Dr. Snyder in their March 2017 publication. The article “Brian J. Snyder, MD: Bringing State-of-the-Art Neurosurgical Solutions to the Table“ talks about how Dr. Snyder employs sophisticated neuromodulation to treat problems with neurocircuitry for patients with essential tremor, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders.

Exceptional Brain & Spine Care in Suffolk and Nassau Counties

Our highly skilled neurosurgeons are leaders in the surrounding medical community, including holding chief of neurosurgery at prestigious hospitals in the Long Island area. Our team includes endovascular neuroradiologists, surgical neuro-oncologists, neurophysiologists, neuropsychologists and neurosurgeons who collaborate to offer the best possible treatment solutions to our patients.

Staying abreast of the latest medical advances in spine helps NSPC neurosurgeons provide outstanding treatment options. Talk with one of our brain or spine experts to see what an award-winning doctors can do for you.