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Recovery from Spinal Fusion Surgery for Herniated Disc

If you are considering spinal fusion surgery to ease the chronic pain and suffering you are experiencing due to a herniated disc, it is always important to understand how the surgery will impact your life. Our specialists at NSPC in New York take pride in making sure all of our clients are well informed before undergoing major surgical procedures. Read below in order to begin orienting yourself with post-surgical expectations to prepare for your consultation with our award-winning staff of spine surgeons.

What’s the expected recovery time for spinal fusion surgery?

Depending on the severity or location of the herniated disc, recovery time from spinal fusion surgery ranges on average between 3 and 6 months. Recovery from post-surgical pain typically takes about 4 weeks. Physical therapy generally begins around 6 weeks after the surgery and can last up to 3 months or more depending on your specific needs.

You will be given a personalized plan on any restrictions and healing expectations by our team of back pain specialists. Every case and surgical procedure leads to individualized results, and we are here to give you the attention needed to obtain the best outcome.

What kind of restrictions can you expect post surgery?

When choosing NSPC as your neurosurgical practice, you can rest assured we will take care of you before, during and after surgery. We pride ourselves on getting first-rate results for our patients and seeing them through the recovery process. Mobility post surgery will be limited initially and gradually, and through the help of physical therapy will improve until optimum results are reached.

Our doctors might recommend a back brace to aid in keeping your back immobile for the fusion to successfully take place. You will also be guided on which types of movements to avoid, such as lifting heavy objects, bending or twisting. We will help walk you through the post-surgery healing process and any limitations you will have. Come in for a consultation today to begin getting the care and attention you need to begin the journey to a more pain-free future.

When can you expect to see results?

With certain types of herniated disc pain, results can be felt immediately after surgery. This is due to relieving the pressure from nerves that were pinched by the herniated disc. Alleviating this pressure can help improve the quality of your life very soon after the surgical procedure.

As time passes, expect to see a continual lessening of your pain and greater mobility achieved. Between 6 months to a year, patients typically feel better than before. Our expert spine doctors are here to make sure that you achieve the best results from your spinal fusion surgery through continued support. Get the individualized attention and treatment you require for the ideal solution to your chronic back pain, by visiting our Long Island, NY, offices today.

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