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Wishing You a Pain-Free Holiday Season and New Year

The holiday season should be a wonderful time of year to enjoy with friends and family. However, if you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from a chronic back condition such as a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or osteoporotic spinal compression fractures, pain may be taking away the enjoyment from holiday festivities.

At NSPC, we believe that everyone deserves a life free from pain. This is why our world-class neurosurgeons and pain management experts focus on providing the most advanced, highly-effective back pain treatments. Specializing in conservative and minimally invasive procedures, our multi-disciplinary team is the leading choice of referring doctors in the tri-state area.

If you are suffering from back pain that is affecting your life, we highly encourage you to take our new online questionnaire to see if you’re a good candidate for spine surgery.

The Latest Innovations in Back Pain Treatments
There have been some amazing advancements in back pain treatments that are now enabling patients to have better results with faster recovery.

Dorsal Column Stimulation

This is a minimally-invasive back pain treatment that specifically helps patients suffering from intractable pain in the spine and extremities. A stimulator is placed just under the spinous lamina in the epidural space to send signals to the brain to cancel out pain sensations. For many patients who have endured years of agonizing back pain, dorsal column stimulation offers tremendous, life-changing relief.

Osteoporotic spinal compression fractures are common in elderly patients. Kyphoplasty is a new treatment for repairing these fractures that involves inserting a needle into the fractured vertebral body and inflating a balloon to restore vertebral height. Cement is injected into the space left by the balloon to alleviate the pain. Like with many of the minimally invasive treatments that we offer at NSPC, kyphoplasty is a quick procedure that provides fast, long-lasting relief.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a spine condition or have been suffering with undiagnosed back pain, we encourage you to call us at 800-775-7784 to learn more about our treatment options and to schedule a consultation. It just may be the first step you take towards obtaining back pain relief and enjoying life more in 2015.

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